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ECU Mounting Brackets

We produce a range of lightweight aluminium, black powder coated ECU mounting brackets to suit the DTA range, including:

  • S40

  • S60

  • S80

  • S100

Supplied with foam strips for protecting the ECU from vibration, and mounting bolts.

race car ecu anti vibration mount
DTA ecu bracket
ecu mounting bracket
race car ecu
ecu mounting brackets
race car ecu mount


Battery Mounting Brackets

Lightweight aluminium battery mounting brackets, powder coated black and supplied with self adhesive foam strips to attach tot he bracket and battery.

Currently available to suit:

  • Varley red top 30

  • Varley Li16

Varley red top 30 battery mounting
Varley battery bracket
Varley battery bracket
Varley 30
Varley Li16

Fluid Transfer Pump

Fuel and water fluid transfer pump, battery operated with short hose supplied.

Also available with our jerry can transport flight case.

Includes batteries.

Battery fuel pump
Jerry can transport flight case

Aluminium Rear Diffusor

Small aluminium rear diffusor, powder coated black and comes supplied with a range of mounting brackets as shown

600x600mms with 13 degree angle.

Aluminium rear diffusor
Race car diffusor
Road car diffusor styling
Diffusor strakes and mounting

Screwdriver Rack

Workshop wall mounted screwdriver rack. 

16 x 20mm diameter mounting holes.

Screw driver wall rack
Screw driver rack holder
Screw driver wall rack

Wheel Stop

Designed to prevent vehicles rolling off tail lifts or in collecting areas.

Two handles on each side for either direction or wheel.

Wheel chock stop

Threaded Bosses

M10 x 1.5, 25mm diameter x 20mm overall length mild steel bosses, manufactured in the UK.

M10 mild steel threaded boss

Weld On Cups / Bushes

Ideal for welding tubes to for frameworks & supports.

Dimensions = 22 OD x 18.8 ID with 6.5mm centre hole, 27mm overall length with 2mm thickness at base. Machined from EN8.

Weld on boss / bush

Weld On Threaded Hex Bushes

Designed to be welded onto the ends of 16mm OD x 1.6mm wall tubing.

Dimensions = 3/4" hex x 5mm depth, 12.4mm tube insert diameter, 20mm over all length. Available as 1/4 UNF & 5/16 UNF with RH & LH threads. Machined from EN3B.

Threaded hex bush boss tubing insert

Dzus Fastener Brackets

Black powder coated dzus fastener mounting brackets.

Supplied in Packs of 5 or 10.


Dzus fastener mounting bracket
Dzus quick release fastener mounting
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