ARE Dry Sump Systems

We are proud to be the exclusive agent to the UK for ARE dry sump systems, who manufacture a wide range of dry sump kits for various engines, remote filter brackets, pumps and the renowned Spintric air / oil separators.

Dry Sumps & Kits:

Available to suit a wide range of vehicles from BMW to Hayabusa engines, as dry sump pans or complete kits with tanks, spintric air oil seperators and pumps.


Dry Sump Oil Pumps:

Designed to be used with ARE dry sump pans or as stand alone pumps. Available in single stage, 2, 3 or 4 stage pumps for multiple scavenge applications.


Oil Tanks & Vent Cans:

Available as stand alone dry sump tanks or to be installed with ARE dry sump & Spintric kits with all the necessary ports included. Fabricated or cast options available.


Spintric Air / Oil Separators:

Inline air / oil separators designed to be used with dry sump systems. Available for dry or wet sumps, in -10, -12 or -16 sizes to suit the return line sizes. To be mounted before the return to tank, after scavenge.


If you have any questions regarding the ARE product range, please get in touch via the contact page.