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A small variation in height at each scale pad can significantly effect the scale reading,


VMEP Kart set up floors are adjustable in track width, wheelbase and height which allows for each scale to be positioned centrally to the wheel and level to one another, providing accurate, repeatable readings.

Each floor is supplied fully built up in sections and consists of the following:

  • 4 X pad levellers (10X10X2" scales)

  • 2 X wheelbase connection ramps (2 piece, one slide adjuster)

  • 2 X track width connection ramps (2 piece, one slide adjuster)

  • 2 X roll of ramps with wheel stop

The sections of the floor slot together with bobbins and feature a level which makes assembly and disassembly possible within minutes. The sections can also be locked in place by using the wing nuts included within the kit.

High quality studs screw into threaded bosses welded to each floor section, this provides up to 30mms of height adjustment.

Flight case kits have been designed to provide safe and secure transportation of the floor, with only one case required to carry the complete kart floor and four corner weight scales, with space for any electronic control boxes also provided.

Kart Set Up Floor
Kart Set Up Flat Patch
Adjustable Kart Set Up Floors
Set Up Floor Flight Cases
VMEP Kart Set Up Floors

Each floor is adjustable in track width, wheelbase and height.

Track width - 980 - 1280mms

Wheelbase - 970 - 1270mms

Height adjustment range - 30mms

A single flight case is available to order to hold the complete floor along with four scales, and bespoke floors can be made to order.

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