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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Student Work Experience - Vision Sports Prototype Rfactor2 vehicle modelling.

The Vision exiting the pit lane at Donington Park for the first time..!

Student Internship 2020

Throughout 2020 we had a student from Belgium completing an internship with us. The initial project brief involved optimizing the set up of one of the sports prototype cars here, part of this project was going to involve the use of AIM tyre temperature monitoring.

When Covid-19 hit and the country was in lock down we could no longer go testing, we had to adjust the project accordingly to ensure he could still complete his degree. With many, many hours of work the vehicle had been set up on our simulator in Rfactor2 and the project remained the same, but in a virtual environment - with incredibly accurate results!

He had this to say..

"I have been working at VMEP for four months and it has really been a great experience, i have enjoyed working within the team and working on the cars whilst writing my dissertation. The internship opportunity has therefore been a great experience in further developing my engineering abilities. The company gives a great all round package for internship purposes, it enables you to learn and gain experience around all the sectors in Motorsport."

We had lots of data on the Vision from real life racing events, which made this a really interesting project to see just how accurate the simulator could be to real life, as i'd always been skeptical.

We tested thoroughly (with the same driver as the real data) and across three different circuits our lap times matched that of real life within a tenth of a second.

It was great to have been able to turn what initially looked to be the end of the project in to something so positive, with a great outcome and ultimately we all learned more!

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