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General storage boxes available in a range of sizes. All include internal foam lining with measurements shown being internal sizes, the heights shown include the wheels which are 115mms high.


Option 1 = 720L x 417W x 585Hmm
Option 2 = 1215L x 655L x 775Hmm

Option 3 = 1290L x 700W x 450Hmm

Option 4 = 990L x 700W x 450Hmm
Option 5 = 1245L x 660W x 660Hmm

Option 6 = 600L x 400W x 400Hmm

Option 7 = 950L x 830W x 1100Hmm

Option 8 = 1000L x 500D x 645Hmm

Option 9 = 682L x 382W x 490Hmm

Option 10 = 882L x 482W x 490Hmm

Option 11 = 1142L x 482W x 490Hmm


If a size is not shown that is required we can custom make them to order.

Flight Case Boxes VME-Box1 - Various Sizes

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