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The Pro Cell’s® unique ,seamless coating design produces unmatched durability and safety in a racing fuel cell. Pro Cells are designed specifically for use with hydrocarbon fuels but have been successfully used by top teams running ethanol blends up to and including E85.


The Fuel Safe Pro Cell is the fuel cell of choice for top off road, road race and circle track racers around the globe. Pro Cell also has the ability to be create a seamless bladder design to any custom fuel cell. Call one of our Fuel Safe Reps for more details on custom Fuel Cells.


Each complete Pro Cell® racing cell includes:


  • Ultra tough, FIA-FT3 certified Pro Cell® bladder.

  • Aluminum or Powder coated 20 gauge steel container with external mounting flange

  • Full safety foam baffling, minimizes fuel slosh and the potential for an explosion. Please note that the use of ethanol blends may reduce the usable life of your foam.

  • 6 x 10 aluminum fill plate with a provision for a sending unit.

  • Aircraft grade nut ring and gasket

  • Fuel pickup assembly, factory installed

  • Collector system with three poly trap doors (upgrades available, or swap for surge tank)

  • Limited 5 year manufacturer warranty




Fuel sending units, pumps and collectors can be ordere seperately.

Pro Cell Complete Fuel Cell 5-44 US Gallons

  • Please note that delivery and VAT will be applied at the checkout.

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