Stage 5 set up floor kit which includes the following:


  • Complete set up floor assembly (black type with a choice of three stock sizes or bespoke made)
  • Pair of turn plates with partitioned carry case
  • Twin digital dial bump steer gauge 
  • Set up floor flight cases
  • Set of hub stands

Floor size range:


Stock size 1:

  • Track width - 1200-1500mms

  • Wheelbase - 2000-2300mms

Stock size 2:

  • Track width - 1200-1500mms

  • Wheelbase - 2300-2600mms

Stock size 3:

  • Track width - 1500-1800mms

  • Wheelbase - 2600-2900mms


Please visit the products section of the website for further details on each of these items.


Please select the floor size range from the options list when ordering.

Stage 5 Set Up Floor Kit

Size Range
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