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A small variation in height at each scale pad can significantly effect the scale reading,


VMEP stock sizes of set up floors are adjustable in track width, wheelbase and height which allows for each scale to be positioned centrally to the wheel and level to one another over their stated ranges, providing accurate, repeatable readings.

Each floor is supplied fully built up in sections and consists of the following:

  • 4 X pad levellers

  • 2 X access ramps

  • 2 X wheelbase connection ramps (2 piece, one slide adjuster)

  • 2 X track width connection ramps (2 piece, one slide adjuster)

  • 2 X roll of ramps with wheel stop

The sections of the floor slot together with a bobbin/slot design and feature a level , making for fast assembly and disassembly. The sections can also be locked in place by using the spacers and wing nuts provided with each kit.

High quality studs screw into threaded bosses welded to each floor section, which provides up to 30mms of height adjustment.

Standard pad levellers are designed to suit 15X15X2.5" scales, but using the bespoke floor option can be made to suit your scale requirements.

VMEP bump steer gauges can be attached to the floor with the use of a stand which is available separately or part of the stage kits available. This provides a rigid mount for the gauge and ensures the dials are perpendicular to the floor surface, whilst our turn plates are also designed to be used with the floor. Scales are removed and the turn plates attached in place.

The purpose built flight case kits provide safe and secure transportation of the floor, with two cases required to carry the complete floor and four corner weight scales. Space is also provided electronic control boxes.

Three stock sizes are detailed below, whilst bespoke floors can also be made to order.

The advantage of a bespoke floor is that it can be fixed to your vehicle dimensions, which will save time with the initial setting up of the floor.

Seat TCR wheel alignment
Corner weight set up platform
Custom made flight case
Legend wheel alignment and corner weight
STR set up floor flat patch
Porsche GT3 wheel alignment
Mini challenge corner weight
Race car flat patch system
Intercomp set up floor
Longacre set up floor
VMEP set up floor
Pad leveller laser levelling
Laser levelling system
Set up floor flight cases
Pad Leveller Flight Case
Custom made flightcases
Foam lined flightcases
Set up floor transp[ortation
Transportable set up floor
Scale flight case
Corner weight scale flight case
Intercomp flight case
VMEP Set Up Floors®

Three stock sizes of set up floor are available to suit different track width and wheelbases. The sizes and adjustment ranges are listed below:

Stock size 1:

  • Track width - 1200-1500mms

  • Wheelbase - 2000-2300mms

Stock size 2:

  • Track width - 1200-1500mms

  • Wheelbase - 2300-2600mms

Stock size 3:

  • Track width - 1500-1800mms

  • Wheelbase - 2600-2900mms

VMEP Set Up Floor® - To Suit Existing Pad Levellers
Intercomp Floor Conversion
Intercomp Set Up Floor Conversion
Purpose Built Flight Cases

Designed to be used with existing pad levellers such as Intercomp, this floor connects each scale pad together and allows for accurate and repeatable results to be achieved.

The floor is designed in the same way as with our other floors and includes all of the same sections, except that the pad levellers are swapped for covers. The covers go over the top of existing pad levellers, and the floor sections then slot into the covers.

Each scale cover has location pieces underneath to accurately locate each scale within them, with enough space at each corner left to adjust corner studs for height adjustment.

The floors are adjustable in track width, wheelbase and height.

Please get in touch if this floor conversion is of interest to you.


Made to order, typically within 2-3 weeks, with flight case kits also available to carry all floor items.

Legend Race Car Set Up
Roll on roll off set up floor
Legend Race Car Set Up Floor
VMEP Set Up Floors®

As well as the stock floors available we have also produced various custom floors for road and race cars.

Chassis set up will play a major role in any race or championship success, and VMEP set up floors can help toward producing reliable, repeatable set up results which will ultimately increase race success.


Each floor offers the following:

  • Fast assembly / disassembly

  • Self alignment due to unique bobbin slot design

  • Infinite adjustability between stated ranges

  • Easily transportable between workshop and circuit

  • Reliable, repeatable results

    Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Set up floor flightcase
Race car turn plates
scale storage box
Race track set up equipment
Race car set up floor
Chassis set up floor kit
Scale pad levellers
Bump steer gauge
Race car turn plates
Turn plates with case
VMEP Set Up Floor® Kits

There are a variety of options available depending upon your requirements.


Stage 1 = complete set up floor, stock size or bespoke

Stage 2 = complete set up floor, turn plates including case, bump steer gauge and mounting stand 

Stage 3 = complete set up floor with  twin flight case kit

Stage 4 = complete set up floor, turn plates including case, bump steer gauge, mounting stand and twin flight case kit

The options are available to view in the chassis shop.

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