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VMEP hospitality unit flight case.


Supplied with a fridge (470Wx450Dx860Hmms), 22 litre water boiler, 8 x glasses, 8 x cups & tea/coffee/sugar pots.


The top of the case folds upwards and has two shelves within it for storage of cups when in use. This also provides space for the water boiler to sit on top.


There are two draws, with foam routed inserts to store the tea/coffee/sugar jugs & cups for when in transit.


Case dimensions: 1060L x 615D x 1225H mms.


All our flight cases are designed & manufctured in house in the UK and we offer worldwide delivery.


Data station flight case, with hinged fold up lid and removable front cover. Optional two piece cover that attach to the sides as tables.


External dimensions including cover = L1200 x W625 x H1115mms.


Supplied with 2 x 22" Monitors, prewired to HDMI / aerial pass through connectors, and pass through holes for the power cables.


When the lid is upright, there are removable panels that clamp in place to rigidly support it.


The top shelf has 2 x two gang sockets with USB ports on each, whilst there is a pass through hole into the top shelf to allow for printers etc to be stored.


On the left hand side of the case there is a waterproof power socket, providing a means of plugging the case in externally and powering the sockets / screens.


Please note, the case is supplied wired from the TV to the pass through connectors but you will need to wire from the external socket to the top shelf sockets yourself.


The bottom and middle draw are L380 x W490 x H230mms whilst the top draw is L380 x W490 x H130mms.

    Data & Hospitality Flight Case Kit VME-Kit7

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