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About us

Vision Motorsport Engineering Products Ltd was formed in 2016 by Alex Champkin after spending a decade developing and competing a Vision in the Clubman's Sports Prototype series in the UK.

Some of the first races I watched were Clubman's races, and I looked up to many of the front running drivers of the time growing up. I vividly remember being sat on my bike watching in amazement a race at Snetterton with Michael Mallock in his first car race and Peter Clark battling all race long, completely on the limit from lights to flag. If there was a single reason as to why I got involved with the sport it would probably be because of that race.

After attending many race weekends from an early age cleaning wheels, polishing cars and observing, the time finally came when I could take part myself. Having spent countless hours developing the Vision over the years into a multiple championship winning car in the same series I grew up watching was a childhood dream come true.

Improving the performance and trying to get everything out of the Vision that was possible was my ultimate goal, and the current set up equipment was either not quite right for my application or just wasn't available.


This led to designing my own equipment, and on one late evening in the workshop just after finishing the first set up floor my dad said, " you could sell them", which essentially started the company.

Alongside racing I graduated with a BSc in Motorsport Technology and an MSc in Mechanical Engineering. I then began working for a small manufacturing company specialising in braking systems for high performance and race cars as a design engineer.

Working for BG Developments was a great experience and gave me further understanding of the Motorsport industry and manufacturing in particular. The knowledge gained here combined with the passion for Motorsports and development goes into each and every product / service offered.

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