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FEV Fire Extinguisher Store

Please note that VAT and delivery where applicable will be applied at the checkout.

A range of finance options are available on all of our equipment via Moorgate finance, please click the image below to enquire.


We can now offer the full range of FEV fire extinguisher kits which are FIA & MSUK approved. Offering foam or gas based systems, each kit is built to order typically in under 7 days.

For more urgent requirements please contact us and we will see what can be achieved.

Foam systems work by covering the flames and starving them of oxygen, it can also be used to extinguish liquid fires as the foam acts as a carpet over the flames, putting them out.

Gas systems works by replacing the oxygen around the fire with an inert gas, which immediately starves the flames of oxygen and putting them out. Gas is also ideal in electrical fires, as it is non conductive and can be used with hybrids.

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