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FIA Technical List 16. Steel bottle.


Installation Kit Contents:
1 x Bracket and ‘T’ Bolt Straps
1 x Control Box
1 x Internal Fire Button
1 x External Fire Button
4.7 mtr x 10mm Aluminium Tubing
4.3 mtr x 8mm Aluminium Tubing
2 x Cockpit Nozzle with 10mm x ¼ metal Swivel Elbow
4 x Engine Nozzle with 8mm x ¼ metal Swivel Tee Connector
1 x Metal Tee Connector 10-10
1 x Metal Tee Connector 8mm with Metal Straight Connector 10mm x ¼
1 x Metal Y Connector 10mm
8 x 8mm Tube Clips
8 x 10 mm Tube Clips
1 x Large ‘E’ Label
1 x Small ‘E’ Label
1 x Instructions

F-TEC3500EK - Electric Plumbed In

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