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Motorsport jump battery trolley
Varley jump battery trolley
Jump battery trolley
Jump battery trolley

Jump Battery Trolley

VMEP polished stainless steel jump battery trolley.


Designed to house a Varley red top 30 or 40, or Odyssey 30 battery in an enclosed container.


A small or large Anderson plug connector can be attached to the bracket which allows for clip on storage of the car jack plug when walking through the pits or alternatively this can be wired so its used as a charging point for the battery.


Each trolley has a small shelf which can be used for smaller items needed in the pit lane.


The enclosed containers are foam lined but we recommend using terminal covers on the battery and Anderson plug connection point (if used for charging) when not in use.


Please confirm the Anderson plug size upon ordering or a small plug will be sent as standard.


This can be made to suit other batteries upon request.

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