Pad Levellers - Cars & Karts

Height adjustable pad levellers are an alternative to the complete floor, they can be easily transported to the race track and may be ideal where space is limited.

The pad levellers can be adjusted at each corner with each platform featuring a level for levelling of the platform.

There are two sizes which take 15x15x2.5" Intercomp / Longacre type scales or a separate design for 15x15" Proform slimline scales.

We also have pad levellers specifically designed for the STR corner weight scales, please view in the chassis shop.


We also produce 10X10X2" scales (typically for kart use).

This can also be purchased as part of a set up kit offer with tracking, camber and bump steer gauges via the offer shop.

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Aluminium Box Section Pad Levellers

Aluminium box section pad levellers.

Designed to suit 15x15" scales, powder coated black and supplied in sets of 4 with anti slip levelling feet.

Aluminium scale pad levellers
Billet aluminium pad levellers
Aluminium scale pad levellers
Corner weight scale pad levellers

Pad Levellers Including Partitioned Flight Case

This large flight case has been designed to provide safe storage for valuable corner weight scales and pad levellers whilst being transportable to and from the circuit.


Each case is internally partitioned and provides space for four scales, four pad levellers and a removable shelf provides storage space for control boxes separately from the heavier components.

Recessed pull out handles on each side with four castor wheels makes the case easy to transport, two of which are braked to help with storage in transit. The case also has two butterfly latches with provision for a pad lock to securely fasten the lid.

Pad Leveller With Case
Pad Leveller Storage Case
BG scale case
Corner Weight Scale Storage
Pad leveller case
Corner weight scale storage
Set Up Floor Case
Set Up Floor Storage

Pad Levellers With Roll Off Platforms / Raised Height Tables

Height adjustable scale pad levellers with inbuilt roll off platforms and wheel stop.

Designed to suit 15x15x2.5" scales and come supplied in a set of four with anti slip levelling feet.

Also available with a partitioned flight case for storage and as part of a set up kit offer with tracking, camber and bump steer gauges via the offer shop.

We can now offer fully TIG welded box section pad leveller tables for use when extra working height is required. 500mms tall and supplied in sets of four with or without pad levellers.

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