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Flight case boxes, up side down type for transporting engine and gearboxes or other items whereby a removable top section is best suited.


Double panel thickness base with castor wheels.


Available in a range of sizes or made to measure. 


Option 1 = 650Lx550Wx700H 

Option 2 = 700Lx650Wx800H

Option 3 = 700Lx400Wx450H

Option 4 = 900Lx400Wx400H

Option 5 = 400Lx500Wx560H

Option 6 =1640Lx570Dx800H

Option 7 = 1570Lx540Dx750H

Option 8 =1700Lx600Wx800H

Option 9 = 875Lx525Wx550H

Option 10 = 650Lx410Wx420H

Option 11 = 1080Lx470Wx530H

Option 12 = 1020Lx420Wx1005H


Prices plus delivery & VAT.


L x W measurements are internal including the lid, but the height shown includes the wheels which are 115mms high. Featuring braked castor wheels, tie down points inside and a removable top lid.

Flight Case Upside Down VME-Box4 - Various Sizes

  • Please note delivery & VAT will be applied at the checkout.

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