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A kit aimed at mobile catering & hospitality companies. 


Made up of our HC14 & HC17 cases.




Crockery flight case designed to store cups, saucers, plates and so on.


There are 10 removable boxes within each case that stack internally and the front of the case removes to provide access with the lid folding upward.


The internal storage boxes are as follows:


2 x 1300L x 330W x 320H

3 x 780L x 680W x 180H

1 x 780L x 680W x 300H

1 x 490L x 680W x 230H

1 x 490L x 680W x 180H

2 x 490L x 680W x 140H


The external case measurements are: 1360L x 750D x 1400H mms.


Please note foam inserts are not included within the price, but we can route foam inserts to suit your own crockery, cups, bowls etc. Please get in touch if this is required.


A protective cover is also available for this case. 




Stainless steel hospitality trolley with 316 top surface plate for working / preparing food.


Supplied with three central draws measuring:


Top two draws: 920L x 590D x 170H

Bottom draw: 920L x 590D x 340H


To the right and left of the draws are storage compartments measuring:


Top: 340L x  700D x 280H

Middle: 340L x 700D x 230H 

Bottom: 340L x 700D x 250H


Each compartment has doors with quarter turn catches.


External measurements are 1825L x 720D x 960H including wheels.


We can also custom make any hospitality cases or trollies based on your requirements.

Hospitality Catering Kit - VME-Kit9

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