Stage set up floor kits include the complete set up floor, optional set up equipment & flight cases. Further details of this product can be viewed in the products section of the website.


Floor size range:


Stock size 1:

  • Track width - 1200-1500mms

  • Wheelbase - 2000-2300mms

Stock size 2:

  • Track width - 1200-1500mms

  • Wheelbase - 2300-2600mms

Stock size 3:

  • Track width - 1500-1800mms

  • Wheelbase - 2600-2900mms

Height adjustment = 40mms


Please select the floor size range from the options list when ordering.


As standard the floors are to suit 15x15x2.5" scales, although we can produce them to suit aany scale dimensions.


Stage 1 = set up floor only

Stage 2 = set up floor, digital floating turn plates & bump steer gauge

Stage 3 = set up floor & twin flight case kit including scale storage

Stage 4 = stages 1-3

Stage 5 = stages 1-3 & hub stands for string line use.

Stage Set Up Floor Kits

Size Range
Stage kit
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