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The Tilton 72-608 brake pedal assembly is the latest upgrade from the 72-602/605.


This pedal assembly now has a variable ratio thanks to it new pedal pad design which allows many different pedal ratios from 5.0:1 up to 6.2:1 along with the new forged aluminium pedal arms. 


The standard of engineering, materials and workmanship that goes into the production Tilton 600-Series pedal boxes is unmatched by anything in their price range and difficult to beat regardless of budget.

This range of overhung assemblies position the cylinders in the cockpit away from the heat and restrictions of a engine bay offering a simple installation in may applications. As with all Tilton pedal assemblies, ergonomic principles have been applied to reduce driver fatigue and provide exceptional feedback.


These pedals are equipped with a high strength 7/16" balance bars and pedal pads which are adjustable for both height and width.  The clutch pedal incorporates an integral adustable stop to prevent over stroking and they accept industry standard flange mount master cylinders such as Tilton 73/74/75/76-Series units.


Please Note: Brake and clutch master cylinders are not included with Tilton Brake pedal boxes and are shown for illustrative purposes only, if required they should be ordered separately.


Please confirm master cylinder bore sizes with order if required.

Tilton 600 Series 2 Pedal Brake & Clutch Firewall Mount 72-608

  • Please note delivery & VAT will be applied at the checkout.

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