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The Tilton 72-617 brake and clutch pedal assembly is the latest offering from Tilton with the master cylinders mounted under the feet. Tilton pedal boxes are the best available value for their type.


This configuration of pedal assembly is ideal for customers who don't require a throttle pedal but still the standard of engineering, materials and workmanship that goes into the production Tilton 600-Series pedal boxes which is unmatched by anything in their price range and difficult to beat regardless of budget.


Incorporating technology from the bench mark setting 900-Series, the latest generation of 600-Series pedal assemblies have been engineered to provide excellent performance at competitive prices.


The newly redesigned 600-Series pedal assemblies incorporate features such as ramps to prevent balance bar tipping, high-strength 7/16" balance bars, adjustable foot pads and oil-impregnated bronze bushings at pedal pivots. As with all Tilton pedal assemblies, ergonomic principles have been applied to reduce driver fatigue and provide exceptional feedback.


As the Tilton 72-617 pedal assembly positions the master cylinders inside the car, it is recommended that you use the 76-Series master cylinders with stainless braided hoses or metallic hard lines in order to remain complainant with motorsport regulations with regard to fluids in the cockpit.


Please Note: Brake and clutch master cylinders are not included with Tilton pedal boxes and are shown for illustrative purposes only, if required they should be ordered separately. The pedal box is shown with 76-Series Master Cylinders and this is this the master cylinder that must be used in this install

Tilton 600 Series 2 Pedal Clutch & Brake 72-617

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