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Race Sense Tyre Pressure / Temperature Gauge

We are pleased to be distributors for the Race Sense tyre pressure & temperature gauge.

This superbly designed tyre gauge allows for all pressures to be set in order and measurements are then recorded automatically, meaning there's no need for stopping and writing notes down, thus saving lots of time in the pits as you circle the car taking only readings and making adjustments.

The thermocouple is an optional extra for measuring temperature, and if it is used then these values are also recorded automatically, with the date noted for later viewing.

The Android and IOS apps will also record location, ambient temperature, humidity and wind conditions.

There is even an offset mode which allows you to input a desired pressure, and the amount required to reach this will then be shown, allowing you to hide your critical data from prying eyes.

Accurate to 0.1 PSI with a range up to 100 PSI, switchable units, save/storage of adjustments and temperatures, optional thermocouple with atmospheric temperature and pressures saved too.

This can be supplied in a case with optional temperature probe.


Digital hand held tyre pressure gauge with LCD display.

Switch between units, up to 200PSI & supplied in a small carry case.

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