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Air Jack Feet
Aston Martin GT3 air jack feet
BMW Two Stage Air Jack Feet

Two Stage Air Jack Elephant Feet

Available to suit a range of air jack diameters with strokes of 150, 230 or 300mms. Including Krontec, AP & JLS air jacks.

Two stage air jack feet offer a safer method for working on the car for long periods of time as opposed to leaving the car on it's air jacks. The two stage feature provides double the working height than the jack alone would and allows for working on the car at a higher level.

When using the two stage feature its advisable to always use a safety prop. An exhaust valve must always be used to control the decent of the vehicle when lowering the car back down.

Sold as a set of three or four with a partitioned carry case, and can be made to order to suit any air jack dimensions.


Air Jack Skates
Silk cut jaguar air jack skates
Krontec air jack skates
Ligier JS2R air jack system
Krontec air jack stands
JLS air jack skates
Air Jack Skates
Air Jack Skates
Air Jack Skates Kit
Air Jack Skates
Air Jack Pit Kit
Air Jack Flight Case
Krontec Safety Stand Props
Krontec Air Jack Stands
Krontec Air Jacks

Air Jack Skates

Our air jack skates are available to suit all air jack models and sizes. Designed to allow easy movement of vehicles around the pit garage.

Machined from aircraft grade billet aluminium and hard anodised for protection. Including long handles for easy reach when in use.

Supplied in sets of 3 or 4 with a flight case, and are also available with air jack elephant feet & props in our 'Pit Kit' listings.

We have a range in stock, and offer them as a 'Pit Kit' which includes two stage air jack feet and skates.


Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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