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Camber gauge
Digital Camber Castor Gauge
Adjusting race car camber
Magnetic digital camber gauge
Magnetic amber gauge
Magnetic camber level box

Camber Gauge


Magnetic digital camber gauge with handheld framework that adjusts between 12-20".

Can be attached to a brake disc or used with the framework to measure wheel camber angles.

Accurate to 0.01 degrees with a zero function, a hold button and power on/off.

The camber gauge is machined from high grade aluminium with a digital dial box held inside. The framework features two handles for easy measurement from wheel rims, with laser etched plaques designating where to position the studs depending upon the wheel size.

Available as a magnetic digital camber gauge or with an adjustable framework for measuring against a wheel rim.


This can be purchased as part of a set up kit offer with pad levellers, tracking and bump steer gauges via the offer shop.

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