Chassis Set Up Equipment


Set Up Floors

Aluminium and steel options, stock sizes or made to measure.

Tracking Gauges

Digital laser tracking gauges, measuring the angle between a pair of wheels.

Scale Ramps

Corner weight scale ramps to suit 2.5" tall scales.

Hub Stands

Billet aluminium hub stands on ball transfer units, available to suit string line kits or with built in laser tracking.

Scale Pad Levellers

Aluminium box section or steel folded pad levellers.

Motion Ratio Gauges

Designed to be used to determine the starting point for a vehicles spring rates.

Turn Plates

A pair of turn plates supplied with a partitioned flight case.

Bump Steer Gauges

Twin dial bump steer gauges available with analogue or digital dial gauges and supplied with 4/5 stud hub plates.

Camber Gauges

Digital magnetic camber gauge, available with or without a hand held framework for use on wheel rims.

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