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Tracking gauges
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Laser Tracking Gauges

Designed to be used to measure the angle between a pair of wheels on a single axle.

Using the same method of tracking measurement as our laser hub stands the laser tracking gauges offer a digital readout with a simple method of adjustment between wheel diameters of 12 - 20" and a range of tyre diameters.

The angle between the pair of wheels is displayed on the digital box in increments of 0.1 of a degree, a conversion table is supplied to convert to mm's for the wheel diameter in use.

The laser angle is easily adjustable via its bearing mountings and locked in place by a wing nut, and reflected by the mirror on the opposing gauge. A laser etched vertical line provides a point of reference for aligning the reflected laser beam with when determining the angle between a pair of wheels.

The gauges can be set to zero by aligning the dowels used to position the gauge on the wheel with one another, and then setting the laser beam so that it aligns with the vertical etched line once reflected and then pressing the zero button.

Available with or without a flight case, and as part of a set up kit offer with pad levellers, camber and bump steer gauges via the offer shop.

Please contact for further details.

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